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Equity Release

We can advise and assist with equity release

Equity Release is a means to access some of the capital you have tied up in your home

We have experienced a considerable increase in equity release transactions in recent years. Many owner occupiers have chosen to stay in their existing homes, rather than “downsizing” and have borrowed money, secured against the property, to increase their available savings in their retirement.

Equity release is not right for everyone. We do not provide financial advice and it is important that you receive independent advice from a financial adviser who can talk through your circumstances and needs. Looking at all available options.

If you do apply for equity release borrowing, the lender will appoint its own solicitors. You, as borrower, will be required to appoint your own solicitor, so that you receive expert legal advice of your own, considering any potential pitfalls, before you commit yourself to the loan.

Taunton Solicitors have many years of experience, advising equity release borrowers. We deal with the detailed requirements of the lender’s solicitors, as well as providing to you, as a borrower, an explanation of the process and expert advice. Please contact us for details of our specialist, fixed fee advice on equity release transactions.

​Please feel free to contact a member of our conveyancing team (free of charge) to discuss your requirements and obtain a detailed quote.

If you wish to make a new Will, alongside your Equity Release transaction, 
please discuss that with us.
 We will be happy to offer a discount.