If in doubt, do nowt

By Bruce Leyland, Partner

One way or another, uncertainties will be resolved

Received wisdom is that we should sit on our hands through uncertain times. If in doubt, do nowt. Yet often, issues of a national, European or even global scale affect regional sentiment in a disproportionate way.  Headline news often brings unwarranted concern for both small enterprises and individuals, whilst pundits often talk up fears and talk down prospects.

Computer software, gaming, information technology and bespoke retailing are obvious examples of success, but there is a vast range of occupations and public services whose fortunes depend upon home markets and domestic need.  They remain unaffected by the current concerns of those who rely upon international trade.  Those enjoying such security are well placed to take advantage.

Sustained periods of low interest rates and the availability of lending on favourable terms can create opportunities, whether you are a home buyer picking up a well-priced property or a business investing in the next phase of growth.

One way or another, uncertainties will be resolved – whether or not the result is the one that you might have been hoping for or expecting. Then the crowd will move as one in the cycle of economic ups and downs. The ones who will be happiest will have moved before the rest, acting on their own instincts to strike good bargains.

Perhaps they will have secured the sale of their home by reducing its price, allowing them to pounce on the purchase of a larger home at a greater discount. Perhaps they will have moved to bigger or better commercial premises, locking in a lower rent. Or maybe they will have secured cheap investment capital for a new venture or for expansion. The old addage is usually true: fortune favours the brave.

Whatever your next step on life’s glorious path, trusted advisers will help you to attain your goals. Whether you are moving home, ending relationships or forming new ones, planning your next business venture or planning your retirement and providing for the next generation, Taunton Solicitors will handle all your legal needs and can put you in touch with fellow trusted professionals to take care of the rest.

By Bruce Leyland, Partner

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