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Court of Protection

Protecting the vulnerable

Sometimes an individual will not be able to manage his or her own affairs

A person may lose mental capacity for a variety of reasons, perhaps due to illness, injury, disability or, quite simply, old age.

If a person has not already completed a lasting power of attorney then it may be too late for that person to give authority to another trusted family member or friend to enable that trusted individual to make decisions or handle finances. 

If your loved one has lost capacity and needs help in the management of their personal and financial affairs then an application needs to be made to the Court of Protection (now known as the Office of the Public Guardian) for the appointment of a deputy.  With the authority of the court, the deputy can act on the “patient’s” behalf, dealing with day to day decisions and finances, whilst applying back to the court for guidance and authority if there are major decisions to be made, such as the sale of the patient’s property.

Our specialist lawyers can advise you on the steps that may need to be taken and can assist with the application to the court.  We also accept appointments as deputies, often acting jointly with another family member.

If you are concerned about someone and feel that action needs to be taken on their behalf, please feel free to contact us to see how we can help.