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Divorce & Dissolution

What happens next?

Unfortunately, a marriage or civil partnership will sometimes reach a point when it cannot be saved. 

We understand that the breakdown of a relationship can be stressful, confusing and traumatic.  The thought of divorce may be daunting and you may know nothing of the process involved. You need someone experienced to turn to for practical and knowledgeable advice about what to do, how to do it and when to do it.

You will want to know:-

• What is the procedure?
• What are the grounds?
• How long will it take?
• What will it cost?
• Who will pay for it?

​If you particularly wish to see a male or a female solicitor, then you can choose to do so.

We will consider the full factual background and your particular circumstances.  We will look at the best way in which to ensure that your short term needs are met, whilst working towards your longer term objectives. 

We will discuss with you whether a divorce (or dissolution) is the best way forward at that time and, if so, the grounds upon which a petition could be issued.  We will tell you what to expect in terms of procedures and costs. We will answer any questions and deal with any concerns that you might have. 

We offer a fixed fee of £175 plus VAT. for initial half hour consultation. Please ask when booking your appointment.  We can give you an indication of further costs at this meeting.

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