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Neighbour Disputes

When things go wrong

Neighbour disputes can arise over many varied issues

These issues, most commonly over boundaries, where they should be and whether they have been moved. 

Another source of dispute is shared access and the obstruction of rights of way. 

Further issues may arise where services are shared, perhaps a septic tank that serves two properties and disagreement over maintenance and replacement.

There are also the complexities of the Party Walls Act 1996 and the need for property owners to comply with its provisions.

Too often these disputes flare up, without both neighbours taking appropriate advice, seeking expert opinion (where appropriate) from lawyers or surveyors and they can lead to expensive litigation, sometimes out of proportion to the value of the land or property in dispute.

Taunton Solicitors will offer early advice and direct you on appropriate evidence gathering, including the instruction of experts. 

We will refer the dispute to mediation or alternative means of dispute resolution, where that may be of assistance.  Otherwise, we will represent you in proceedings up to judgment as an unresolved dispute can be a blight upon your property and its value.

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