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Faulty Goods & Services

Know your rights

Taking early action is vital


The Consumer Rights Act 2015 provides that traders selling goods must ensure that they are:

  • as described
  • of satisfactory quality and
  • fit for all purposes

If goods do not fit any of the above three criteria, you can demand a refund from the seller, unless you are deemed to have ‘accepted’ the goods.

You cannot demand a refund if more than 30 days have passed since purchase. 

However, subject to other time limits, you may be able to require the seller to repair or replace the item, free of charge.

Taunton Solicitors can assess your particulars case, whether you are a purchaser making a claim or a trader defending a claim.   Taking action at an early stage is essential.  The problem should always be reported by the buyer to the seller as soon as the buyer becomes aware of it.  If the buyer intends to reject the goods, the seller should be informed immediately.


In terms of services, The Consumer Rights Act 2015 states that they:-

  • must be provided with reasonable care and skill;
  • a reasonable price must be charged for the service and
  • the service should be performed within a reasonable time.

Under the Act, you must initially give the service provider the option of carrying out the service for you again.  If, in the circumstances:-

  • it is not possible to carry out the service again;
  • it would take too long for the service to be performed again or
  • it would be too inconvenient for you for the service to be repeated

then you can request a discount from the service provider. 

Again, taking early action is vital.  Whether you wish to make a claim for an inadequate service or whether you are a service provider looking to defend such a claim, Taunton Solicitors can help.

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