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Transfer of Equity

We advise and assist with transfers of equity

A transfer of equity is when someone is added to or removed from the title of a property

Typical examples may be: a sole owner adding their husband or wife; a parent adding their son or daughter; or, most commonly, someone being removed from the title when a couple separates. 

If there is a mortgage on the property, then there will be issues to deal with.  Perhaps the existing mortgage will be replaced by a new mortgage in the new names.  Perhaps the original lender will remain and will release one party from existing mortgage covenants or will join a new party into the mortgage obligations. 

Our expertise will guide you through. We deal with all types of transfers of equity, whether or not there is a mortgage involved, including freehold, leasehold and shared  ownership properties.

In all transfer of equity transactions, we recommend to our clients that they review their Wills to ensure that they continue to meet with their needs.

​Please feel free to contact a member of our conveyancing team (free of charge) to discuss your requirements and obtain a detailed quote.

If you wish to make a new Will, alongside your transfer of equity transaction, 
please discuss that with us.
 We will be happy to offer a discount.

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