Child Support

Reviewing an unfair assessment

Advising you through the process

Other than in exceptional circumstances, the English Courts no longer have jurisdiction over child support (maintenance).

In our experience, most separated parents are able to agree the level of child support, having first used the child support calculator on the government website  If an agreement cannot be reached then either parent can apply to the Child Maintenance Service (CMS) for an assessment.

The needs of children are taken into account within financial settlements related to divorce, details of which appear elsewhere on this website.

Taunton Solicitors can assist you if you believe that the assessment is incorrect.  We can advise you upon reviews and appeals. 

In relation to unmarried couples, Taunton Solicitors can also advise you upon claims brought under Schedule 1 of The Children Act 1989. 

Under that Act, an unmarried parent can seek financial support from the other parent in the form of child maintenance (in appropriate circumstances, supplementary to the CMS assessment amount); lump sum payments and housing settlements for the benefit of the child(ren) whilst under 18 or in full time education. 

Such claims may be useful where the family’s income and assets are significant although, once the child reaches 18 or ceases full time education the lump sum or property interest will revert to the parent who originally provided it.

We offer a fixed fee first consultation (maximum one hour) at a cost of £200 plus VAT.  We can give you an indication of further costs at this meeting.

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